God's Provision

Yesterday we met with the missions committee at our church. We were really excited to share with them our vision for our ministry with GYFM and express to them how they can partner with us! Many of the people on this committee remember Drew as one of those "crazy Wilkins boys, " so it was fun for him to go in and see familiar faces of people that have loved him and his family for many years! As we sat in the board room waiting for the meeting to start we were surprised when another familiar face walked into the meeting. It was another missionary who is part of MTW coming to share what he and his family are up to while they are on home mission assignment since our church supports them. This was God's provision for us because we knew this missionary and had even ministered to his sons at an area retreat that we attended a few years ago. Drew was his oldest son's small group leader. So as we sat and explained our ministry our friend was able to express to the committee how important our ministry is and how impacted his own children have been by it. We could not have asked for anything more! He was so supportive of us and we found encouragement from hearing what he had to say. We think the committee really caught the vision and now we continue to pray that they would like to join us! God truly does provide and I love how it is often in unexpected ways!



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