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Sweeping Up Dirt and Tears

I heard my phone buzzing in the midst of all of the other noises circling around me. I answered it and felt a wave of comfort as I heard the familiar voice of my husband on the other line.

Drew: "Hi, do you have a second to talk?'

Me: "Sure, just sweeping up dirt off the ground." (said with every bit of bitterness and self-pity you could imagine)

(Loud noises of four children still going on in the background)

Drew: "Well, let me affirm that you are not just sweeping up dirt, but you are doing a noble task that serves our family and I delight in you and your heart and the ways that you serve our family so faithfully and most importantly it brings glory to your Heavenly Father and is dignified kingdom work."

The tears began to stream down my face and mingle into the dirt that I continued to sweep up. He was speaking truth to my heart, but not truth that I believe. If you could peek inside my heart on an hourly basis you would see a whole lot of ugliness and rest…

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