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Being A Stone Catcher

My word for 2018 is "learner" and one of my goals is to read from cover to cover 12 books. I've been challenging myself to read outside of the normal books that I would choose. I finished my fifth book today and it was life changing. Being a learner is challenging sometimes because it means having to become aware of parts of life that are easy to turn a blind eye to. This last book challenged me, had me in tears, made me angry, but left me with hope! My eyes were opened to the darkness that exists within our justice system. Bryan Stevenson tells the story in his book Just Mercy of many men and women who are on death row. Many of them are innocent and many of them received punishments that don't fit the offense. The stories are complex and sad. As Bryan unfolds his story you see the heart of a man who is fighting for the marginalized. As a lawyer he takes cases upon cases of men and women who were unjustly put on death row. My eyes were opened to a a people group that…

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