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Disappointment: A Window to Hope.

Disappointment! It's the worst! It's that feeling of being all dressed up in your new outfit for church  and then you spill your coffee all over yourself. It's the excitement and anticipation of going on a vacation that you have dreamed about and then coming down with the stomach virus once you are there. Disappointment runs from
the little and mundane things of life all the way to the deep tragedies  that we pray we never have to face. It hits when you've been praying for a baby and longing to be a mama and then suddenly losing the baby to miscarriage. It's the sadness and grief of watching a marriage that you thought was the dream fall apart before your eyes. It's hearing the dreaded diagnosis from the doctor. Disappointment crushes our hearts. We can easily become jaded and expect to be let down at every turn. When we get to this place it means we have looked for hope in things that were never meant to satisfy. Disappointment is a part of our everyday broken…

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