Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Linds and I just came back from a trip down to Cary, NC (visiting the people and the church where we met and fell in love), and it was truly a wonderful time of sharing our vision and calling and reconnecting with old friends. However, as with almost all trips, upon coming back home all the details and little things that had to wait while we were away seem to come flooding back over us, clouding out the joy and excitement we felt while away.

This is SO hard to fight! Anxieties feel as though they can seep in threatening to drown us no matter what is going on in life. In Jr. High I worried over fitting in and having friends; in high school I worried over romance and my emotions; in college I worried over my competency in my studies; after college I worried over the details of bills, money, and plans; in graduate school I worried over papers, deadlines, and my own personal calling; and now that seminary is done I find myself worrying over just about anything my mind can get it's hands on! AH! It's like trying to swim against an emotional rip-tide of doubt, feeling constantly on the verge of being inescapably swept away from solid ground into the deep dark depths of churning anxiety.

Being a subjective being in this life, I find it necessary to have anchors into the objective, ties that hold me into Truth that is greater than I am. It is in these times of uncertainty that I am reminded of Peter, and his response to Jesus after he had offered an extremely confusing rebuke to many would-be followers. Jesus turned to his disciples (who were just as confused as everyone else) and asked "Do you want to go away as well?" Peter laid all his cards on the table saying, "Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life." The sea was rough and not much made sense, but Peter had an anchor and he clung to it. In these moments of dusk and shadows, when the tide is pulling and chaos threatens, the worst thing I can do is let go of my anchor. Through each of the life stages I mentioned above, as well as the anxieties that went with them, I have weathered the storm because I have an anchor that holds me fast; where else could I go?

As you think of us over the next few days, please pray for the vision to see through the busy details and on ahead to our destination. I'd be lying if I didn't confess that it's hard sometimes, but that is when my anchor in Christ and his Story proves its worth. Thank you for your prayers, and for doing so much to point us back to our anchor.


Thursday, March 8, 2012

Oh Me of Such Little Faith

If you haven't heard yet we are missionaries with Mission to the World, and therefore we are called to raise our own support in order to do this work that the Lord has called us to. We continually talk about, on our team, how we should not just see this support raising period as another waiting zone, but rather as a strategic time in our ministry. I am sure you can imagine that it doesn't always feel that way, and sometimes (a lot of times) we feel very discouraged. Well God has done a lot lately to remind us that this is his calling for us and that he will bless our efforts. He truly is faithful to us!

-A dear family member told us that she wanted to support us, but didn't have the money so she prayed that God would provide it. A few months later she received a raise and was able to begin to support us at $50 dollars a month.

-Our ministry is complicated to explain because it is outside the box of traditional missions work. Some friends here in Annapolis invited us over for dinner and we spent the next several hours laughing and sharing a meal together. As we explained our ministry their excitement was so evident and they even had new ideas for us and tangiable ways they could partner with us. They have committed to pray to see how the Lord will lead them to support us.

-While we were at Covenant we met a new friend and received the most uplifting and encouraging email from him letting us know how much he respected what we are doing and will be praying for us.

-Meeting with the missions committee at our church the man who prayed for us was brought to tears because of how much he longs to see us be fully funded and his own passion for reaching the next generation. Needless to say, this made us feel very loved.

-Then just today as I looked at our support account online my attitude was not very positive because it's not growing as quickly as we would like, but as I looked at another page I found 2 large one time gifts from dear friends and was almost brought to tears at God's provision.

We are so incredibly humbled by all of you who support us through financial gifts and prayers. The generosity of so many is truly humbling and reminds us of the importance of being a blessing to others.

Please continue to pray for us as we raise our support and look to the future of our ministry of reaching the nations and the next generation!


Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Checkin' Out Chatty

Linds and I had the privilege this last week of spending some time visiting Covenant College to explore a little more of what our life might look like when we have our support raised. It was a wonderful trip! While we were there we were able to meet with several people at Covenant who are already focused in on TCKs and MKs, and we were impressed by how much they have going on, and encouraged by the ways they were excited to have us coming!

Since much of the work we will be doing requires a lot of traveling to visit the mission sites of many of our MTW families, we have the privilege of being pretty flexible on the location where we would like to live. Because of this, living near a university that consistently draws TCK students is very attractive. Living near Covenant College would give us a pretty awesome position to minister not only when we are abroad, but gives us plenty of opportunities to do local ministry in our own backyard with many of the TCKs who have come back to the states for university.

It was pretty cool to dream about the ways that we could be a part of life around Covenant College. We had a great time getting to know some of the students, and are pretty excited about the doors that could open for us there! Please pray that our support raising efforts would be fruitful, that we would have donors coming on with monthly support, and that we would be launched into our work very soon!