Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Drew VS. Details

Linds and I sat down to look over our personal budget and financial situation for a little bit last night, and even I was a little shocked at how quickly my mind was feeling detached, floating aimlessly through the dark caverns of confusion and distraction. I'm not good with details; it can be a real struggle for me to hold on to all the little pieces. And thus when the complexities and meticulous things come up in life, I tend to step forward with trepidation and fear, expecting disaster.

Yeah, that's not so good.

Calvin comments on Psalm 16:8 that "David kept his mind so intently fixed upon the providence of God, as to be fully persuaded, that whenever any difficulty or distress should befall him, God would always be at hand to assist him." That's why David didn't run from lions, from giants, from maniacal hordes, or even from deranged homicidal kings.

Now I don't know too many lions, giants, hordes, or kings, but this morning I've got to figure out some tax stuff, and I'm scared stiff! AH! It is easy for me to trust the Lord as the God of outcomes, physical needs, and general providence, but I am ashamed of how little I trust him as the God of rows and columns, the God of forms, or the God of administrative tasks. Sometimes faith and trust don't require as much dramatic movement as they do patient focus.

Still, I think I'd often take a raving giant over these peripheral technicalities!

- Drew

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Alaska VS. Marriage

This last week Linds and I were privileged to celebrate our seventh anniversary! Now, through the gift of a week in a friend's condo, and the bazillion frequent flier miles we've racked up with our GYFM travels, we were able to celebrate with a trip to our nations most northern state, Alaska! Now that we are back, it strikes me how the state of Alaska and our marriage have several strong similarities:
  • It's DEFINITELY worth the effort: at every stop we've found ourselves going "Wow, we need to record this so we can remember it forever!"
  • It's not even close to being safe: we never know when we are going to round a corner and meet a danger - it is always wise to be "Bear Aware."
  • "Adventure is out there!": it just doesn't get old or boring, there are always new challenges, new pleasures, new disappointments, new opportunities.
  • It is constantly surprising: there is always more going on than we expected, and it is a great blessing to stop and explore all the details.
  • It requires a lot of you: it doesn't take long to experience sensory overload, and can take some extra umph to engage it well - and yet it's always worth it.
  • It is always a signpost: each new view inspires awe, not only at the beauty before us, but at the Designer who crafted it.
I could go on, but you get the picture. It's been an AMAZING past seven years of adventure to be married to my Lindsey Anne, and just like Alaska, I just don't ever seem to be able to get enough.

The town we stayed in

Picking wild daisies :)

The Alaska Train!

No kidding, we arrived on the day of the local Blueberry Festival!

A gorge on one of our hikes

The base of Byron Glacier

The inn where we stopped for lunch

No joke, I caught it with my bare hands!

This little guy just kept swimming circles past the window!

My Baby, the explorer

It was such a blessing to be able to be there!

- Drew

PS - Thanks to Matt for loaning us the camera we took all these photos with!