Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Mirror

This week my little girl discovered herself in the mirror.  Recently we have been stopping at the mirror in the mornings or after naps, but before this week she wasn't interested and didn't respond.  Earlier this week we stopped and she immediately reacted and let out shrieks of joy and laughter. As I watched her discover her own reflection what struck me was that she was able to look at herself without one bit of shame, fear, or insecurity.  Even as I held her and saw my own reflection it was easy for my mind to slip into contempt towards my body that is still carrying baby weight or my own fears about my new role as mama.  Oh how easy it is to forget that I am loved by my Savior no matter what image is reflecting back at me.

My sweet Anna has also been broken by the fall, and her ability to look at herself without shame will only last so long until she herself is flooded with insecurities.  My prayer for my little girl is that she would know how high and wide and deep and long is the love of Christ for her, so that when she is tempted towards contempt at her own reflection, these truths would lead her back to the love of her Savior.  That despite her brokenness, shame, and insecurities, her Savior purchased her life by his death and resurrection, and therefore she can look in the mirror without shame because she has been forgiven!  That by the riches of his glory she will be strengthened in her inner being to know this love of Christ, be rooted and grounded in it, and know that nothing can separate her from this love!  It seems as though even this mama needs to be reminded of these truths on a regular basis!


Sunday, June 16, 2013

My Husband and Anna's Daddy

I can't express in one post how blessed I am to have Drew as my husband and how blessed Anna is to have him as her Daddy.  We are thankful today, and as our pastor reminded us this morning above all we want to give praise to our heavenly Father.  The Lord has adopted us as his children, and loved us with an unfailing love.

I was so encouraged this week by a post I read on the blog She Worships about the Proverbs 31 Man.  As she said, I will not claim to be the Proverbs 31 woman, but I resonated with her point that the marriage between these characters reflects the marriage that the Lord has blessed me with.  In one line she says,

"These are the men who support their wives, trust their wives, praise their wives, pray for their wives, and sharpen their wives. These men believe in their wives and exhort them to pursue God’s calling, whether that calling is to ministry, business, teaching, writing, or being a stay-at-home mom. These men help their wives to be better disciples, friends, mothers, and daughters."

I appreciate the way my husband encourages me in the roles that the Lord has given me in this life, and I know that he will do the same for our daughter.  I enjoy watching his love for the Lord and his dependence upon God's grace grow each day.  This dependence upon grace overflows in the way he cares for me and his little girl!  Drew points us to Christ and sets a tone of joy and grace for our family.  This post is to celebrate Drew as the amazing husband and father that he is, but above all this post is to give praise, glory, and honor to our Heavenly Father.  Without the Lord Drew would not be the father and husband that he is, and I would not be the wife and mother that I am.  We continually repent of our shortcomings and rest on God's kindness and love!

This Father's Day may we bless and celebrate the men in our lives, but above all may we praise our Heavenly Father for he is the one who has given us life!