August/September Update!

On October 8th, we face twenty-seven hours of travel, including one thirteen hour flight, only to dive into the midst of 50 adolescent students from all over Asia and the Pacific Islands. Clearly, we are gonna need your prayers!

But before we get to into that, we moved to Maryland! Mid August we sold off much of our furniture, clothes, and junk, loaded up a mostly functional Budget truck, and booked for eighteen hours across 5 state lines to arrive in Annapolis, MD. We chose to move out here because this is where Drew grew up, and because it is here that we believe we will have the greatest networks to draw from as we continue to build our support team to work with Mission to the World's (MTW) the Global Youth and Family Ministry (GYFM).

And now back to the adventure! Come mid October, we will be traveling to Malaysia. Why are we going there, you ask? Because that is where MTW is hosting the Asia / Pacific Area Retreat. These Area Retreats function as MTW's version of hospitality, and are held every four years for each continent, giving all the missionaries throughout the regions a bit of a break from their work to relax as a family, attend seminars, and generally pursue some mental, relational, and spiritual health. Each year GYFM brings a team of youth workers from around the U.S. to put on a program (picture: crazy games, worship, hilarious video skits, and a time of talking aout God's word), but most importantly to spend time with students in small groups building relationships and encouraging MKs. This will eventually be a huge part of our job once we are fully funded, but for now we have the privilege of volunteering! Please pray for us as we go!

Raising support feels like a daunting task, but an exciting one nonetheless. We continually trust in God's care and provision for us, and we are thrilled to see the ways that this is being manifested through you! We believe that each person is called to live missionally in this world bringing the gospel of reconcilliation to those who are hurting. We know that all of you have ways that you are spreading God's kingdom already, and we would like to invite you to prayerfully consider supporting us as members of GYFM as another way to further God's kingdom! By supporting us monthly through financial giving and/or through prayer you enable us to be the hands and feet that personally bring love and care to missionary kids around the world as well as to bring training to global and domestic pastors on how to reach the next generation! We would ask you to consider giving a monthly gift of $50, $75, $100 or more. We need your partnership in this! There are many ways that you can give!

MTW has online giving. Go to or you can mail a check to MTW PO Box 116284 Atlanta, GA 30368. Please include our names and our account number 18294 in the memo line.

We love you! Thanks so much for keeping up with us as we launch this endeavor together!

- Drew & Lindsey


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