Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Odd Reminder of Providence

So after spending a few hours studying in good ol' Barnes and Nobel yesterday, I walked out to my trusty steed of a Saturn and was surprised to find her not so trusty. Indeed, she let me down and would not even pretend to start. Dejected, I called USAA and had the old thing towed to our mechanic. Bummer.

It was weird though, because despite the inconvenience of being out of a mode of transportation for the day, I felt rather positive about the whole thing. After spending the last four years in school, any time something goes wrong with the car it means added debt, late papers, and less sleep. This time however, we had roadside assistance so the tow was no problem, the bill was a little steep to get to get it fixed, but we've got just enough money to cover it, and because we've got some good friends in the area (thanks Rachel!), we were still able to fill our responsibilities and make it to all of our appointments on time! Amazing! It actually felt pretty great to have the car break down, because we were very clearly reminded of the ways God provides for us even in the midst of these things.

Yes, we are still toiling away at several jobs and working hard on our support raising, but even in this time if transition God has blessed us, and it felt like love the ways that he enabled this problem to be a much smaller bump for us.