A Year of Learning

Tonight I dusted off the ol' blog. All the insecurities inside me say leave it in the archives and let the dust continue to collect, but the ambitious, creative, reflective learner knows that it's time for the dust bunnies to be swept away in order for vulnerability to continue to flourish. Not sure if anyone even reads blogs anymore but  really this is not about who reads my words but rather creating a space to practice my writing and the art of reflecting on my heart and the redemption that Jesus is working in it.

My word for 2018 is "learner" so some of my posts will be reflections of my experiences in learning new things through the monthly books I am reading, learning my guitar, cooking new recipes, and dreaming about planting a garden this summer.

I love so many things! Some of those things are theology, practicing and living out emotional health, my family, relationships, intentional parenting, and the beauty of life.

Cultivating life was the title we came up with almost 6 years ago and it still fits perfectly with the direction that Drew and I lean into life. We are still cultivating life together, but now we have four children cultivating with us. Part of cultivating life is being honest about the pain that exists in this broken world, but the hope that we have in Jesus. This hope is real and I have seen it and felt it more in this past year.

I enter back in this practice of vulnerability with a little trepidation, but also some excitement.


  1. I'm still reading blogs! My writing is pretty irregular too, but it's such a good practice for working through the mayhem towards the self growth. Good for you getting back to it! I'm eager to read along. :)


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