Remembering Them

I received an email recently titled "remembering..." from a dear friend.  She was writing to let me know that she was thinking of our babies, our babies that are in heaven.  This month is pregnancy and infant loss awareness month.  I wasn't even aware that there was such a thing, but I am thankful that there is.  We lost our two babies in 2011 through miscarriage.  I know that I am not alone in this loss and that many other women in this world experience this tragedy as well.  We named our little ones though we didn't know their genders.  I will never forget the ache I felt that morning after I lost Autumn.  I felt so lonely and empty.  After losing William, our second baby, the feeling of deep sadness just continued.  I continue to reflect on what God taught us through this experience of brokenness.  My friend said these words to me, "Looking forward to the day when Anna can meet her siblings, and we can meet them too.  All joy is theirs..."  They are experiencing full and perfect joy as they are with Jesus, and we wait with hope when we will all experience this full joy together!  Thank you dear friend for dignify and remembering Autumn and William's lives!  These are our babies, and though we never got to hold them we will always love them! I was encouraged by a another friend who had experienced miscarriage as well to have something that would remind me of our babies lives.  I had this ring made with their initials engraved inside.  I love everything about the ring and I look forward to explaining its significance to Anna one day!



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  2. Thanks for sharing this. I had a friend hug me today and with sweet tears tell me she had been missing my two babies in heaven. It is so encouraging to know these Little Ones are not forgotten even though they skipped ahead to heaven before we got to meet them.

  3. Lindsey,
    I had no Idea of your loss! We had a fourth child on the way in 2006 we lost that baby , We chose to believe that it was a little girl and named her Hope. Hope for the Hope that she was giving to her 45 year old mom and dad.

  4. This is so beautiful Lindsey, I especially love the idea of a ring as a way to carry your sweet ones with you until you can share in their joy and life again. We named our lost little one Selah and even though I still tear up thinking of her I am learning to give praise for her life, short lived here but vibrantly lived in the new kingdom! What a thought!


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