A Wedding and LOTS of Family Time!

After Malaysia I caught a terrible cold that had me out for about two weeks. After getting over the cold we hit the ground running with our jobs and support raising. Drew had the privelage of meeting with our friend David Diaso who is a fellow MTW missionary. He is very experienced at raising support and we found a lot of encouragement from him.

On November 5th Drew's brother Chase married his beautiful bride Cait. It was a wonderful celebration. Drew had the privilege of officiating the wedding. Cait asked all of the sister-in-laws to be honorary bridesmaids so all of the family was able to participate. We had a blast spending time with our family laughing, sitting around the fire making smores and drinking warm tea, and visiting Gettysburg PA for a day!

We are working on a post to show more of our experience in Malaysia as well as working on our November update. Here are a lot of pictures to show you what we have been up to!

So beautiful!
I love this photo!
So thankful to have such wonderful sister-in-laws!
Drew and his niece Lucy hiding from Grandpa
All the Wilkins Men!
Beautiful Gettysburg
It was such a beautiful day
In a conversation with Abe Lincoln, Abe stole Drew's hat!


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